Art means spiritual journey, quest, expression, communication. But most of all, it means participation in the agony of life within human societies; participation in a life that goes on through dangers, attacks, defenses, victories, defeats, without deep reflections and philosophical wanderings as to the cause of the reality of things.

By making art, I express my restless effort to gain knowledge and self-awareness. I reach out and experience the unique feeling of superiority of the human race, which reaches Deification through its achievements, while being threatened with extinction. At the same time, I explore the limitations of societies, of the “I” (us) and the “others”, the invasion of forbidden places, the value of life, the merciless punishment of wrongdoers.

On the one hand, I find myself in the field of interdisciplinary approaches and, on the other hand, in the social space. I use digital impressions, semiological and conceptual connections between nature, science and technology, theories and symbolic references, experimental attempts in the field of biotechnology, suggestions for the theoretical repositioning of man in the Animal Kingdom, journey-artworks, with visual art activities and installations.

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