Info-teleonomy 2012

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“Offerings to the unknown information”

The installation: “Offerings to the Unknown Information” is the supporting artwork in theory “Infoteleonomy”.

Materials: electronic boards, cables, antennas, chip, various kinds of seeds, my DNA, my hair decoded the gene for epilepsy, the symbolism of bio-constant β


Making use of the right gives me the art I create transcendental unsubstantiated speculations, assumptions and theories, philosophical and cosmological content on the information, the universe, and consciousness. Rationalistic approach, artistic experimentation and imaginative arbitrariness based on unproved charm and propose theory as “artwork”, whose goal is to transform the cosmic creation in imaginary experience before it became a visualized artwork.


a fairy tale

Once upon a time, information was the start of the universe. Infinite density of information was gathered at a point. The complexity it developed (or other unknown reasons and conditions) transformed information into material and energy. This transformation was the moment of the great explosion and the creation of the universe.

In the universe, information presented organization and composed behaviors in such teleonomic way that they could describe and categorize, formatively, up to a total of five concentric spheres.  Each sphere expresses a different ontological mutation of information and is composed and emerges from all the previous ones…

They are chromatically represented, in my picture, by a composition resulting from the use of the three basic colors plus white and black.  Black is the initial point of infinite density of information.

1st:  material, energy, universal laws

The information that represents the material, the energy and the functional laws of the universe – Red


2nd: DNA

The  information that represents  the  DNA- code  of  the  living systems -  Orange (red + yellow)


3rd: Intelligence

The information that represents the biological or artificial intelligence systems and the primary consciousness[1]- – Chromatic grey (orange + blue)                                              


4th: Secondary consciousness

The information that represents meanings such as judgment in secondary consciousness[2],  self reflective awareness, abstract thinking, volition, metacognition, – Grey (black  - white)


5th: Theosis

The information that represents a state of such a great complexity that is capable of providing results commensurate with Theosis – White

[1]} “A Universe Of  Consciousness. How Matter Becomes Imagination”,  by Gerald Edelman & GiulioTononi



In the condition of Theosis, the information of the universe comes under full control and is absolutely possible to be recondensed to an initial point, like the one before the big explosion and the fairy tale starts again from the beginning…..endlessly.

     ……and I wonder:

   “Does information actually compose the ontological symbolistic expression of the universe or does the universe itself compose an ontological semeiotic expression of information?”


In this fairy tale, God is not an exogenous factor of creation, supervision and regulation of the universal creation, but the utmost qualitative level of consciousness, which possibly emerges from within the  universe itself, while through bio & info-teleonomic procedures, it becomes capable of dominating the universe and reproducing it. This assumption potentially results in the theory that the universe conveys a form of self-theosis, multi-universalism and polytheism (but not with the religious or worshipping term of the word).



The paragraph INFOTELEONOMY is an excerpt from the work presented at

“Technoetic Telos: Art, Myth and Media”  International Research Conference of the Planetary Collegium, with Prof. Roy Ascot.
Ionion Centre for Arts & Culture, Kefalonia 2012