I, all of us 2008

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1st Action

“Report to Ancestors”

Projection of tree videos were placed in the “Leontari” cave of Mt Hymettos, which was inhabited and used from the Neolithic period until recently. The two hour projection took place in empty cave.
The video presented the elements of modern genetics and biotechnology concerning the evolution of the human species, as well as issues concerning the destruction of the environment. This projection recorded.The activity was accomplished with the permission of the Committee of “Paleo-anthropology and Speleology of Southern Greece” along with the significant help from the members of S.EL.A.S. (Greek Athletic Caving Club).These three DVDs contained:

1.the decoded gene of KCNQ2- a subunit of Potassium, which is related to the syndrome of epilepsy (called disease of the gods

2.”An inconvenient truth” by Al Gore, a Documentary film which refers to the overheating of the planet and its consequences leading to the gradual destruction of the viable for man environment and other phenomena.

3.”Human Genome” by Charlie Rose. Here the most significant scientists of our time talk about the quite significant scientific achievement concerning the decoding of the human genome.

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2nd Action

“Report to Gods”

On Mt. Olympus, the mountain of the gods, at the location “Zeus’ throne”, at a height of 2,750 m., the three DVDs were placed.

They were taken there and placed by Vasilis Daoutakis, during the “Olympus Marathon” on June 29, 2008.

The music for the video recordings is composed by Michalis Andronikou and it is inspired by the sequence of the four DNA bases A=Adenine, C=Cytosine, G=Guanine, T=Thymine. The four abbreviations of the DNA elements, respond to four sequential notes, something which is a  great coincidence and a starting point for the music of the project.  

 The activity was accomplished with the significant contribution the organisers of “Olympus Marathon”.