Origin Identity Card 2009


Keti Haliori card 2
Keti Haliori card 1
  “Origin Identity Card”


 video  “Mutations”


Each “Origin Identity Card” is part of Keti Haliori’s artwork and bears the artist’s authentic signature. All card holders declare that accept that are a particular individuality of Homo sapiens species, as it arose through evolution.

Each identity has a photograph of the holder, stating the details (name surname, father’s name, date of birth) and receives serial number, which is relative ratio to the population of the Earth, as recorded by the United States Census Bureau, the time issued.

This artwork is a surrealistic approach of self-knowledge and assimilation of the Origin of the Species. It is an attempt to reconsider oneself, recognising the mammal, assimilating the meaning and the greatness of evolution, deciphering life. It is replacing man in the Animal Kingdom, ignoring the anthropocentric vanity of segregation.

At the same time, though, it is an expression of his superiority, putting him above all species, as the only possessor of the uniquely evolved biological “mechanism”, the human brain*. The “mechanism” provides him with the potential of self-knowledge, self-orientation, thought, perception, imagination, conscious choice, expression of preference, etc.

The mechanism of receiving and processing information and knowledge allows for continuous and redefined interactions to control and be controlled by. To create culture, technology, science, to modify conditions while discovering and interfering in microcosms or macrocosms…..